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Hi there!


I'm an experienced fashion designer and art director, with an enthusiastic, passionate and customer-centric approach to service.



Be it restyling your interior, drafting a collection or facelifting your brand, I will take care of your individual needs.


I offer innovative and exceptionally personal design advice for individuals and businesses.


· Design/Coaching/advice

· Art direction

· Room dressing

· Restyling

· Set design

· Color Concepts


On hour/mandate basis, respecting the individual needs and budget.


Design coaching/advice 

Coaching the individual designer develop his own design language. Giving additional design ideas to the client and providing illustrational Work.


Art direction

Overall guidance in the specific project. Monitoring all visual aspects. Marketing and PR activities.


Color Concepts 

Color libraries and material concepts for the specific needs of the fashion/luxury industry.


Set design

Filmset design respecting the script, characters and director's inputs.

Store, Fair and Exhibition Space advise. 


Room dressing

Working with the client's living or working space. (Re)Styling with existing furniture to freshen up the dynamics and the environment with the goal to reflect the individual in the interior.


Restyling Advising

Professionally and personally  advising clients how to wear and play their existing wardrobe. Such as advising gala or travel looks.


Product Styling

Product Styling for blog posts, instagram and other advertising needs. 



 Sketching a bag for Atelier Avanzar / Creating a look with Atelier Avanzar products.

Working Moments with my client Yuno Sugihara, Jewellery Design Manager/Gemmologist

Fashionable well-being


Be Fashionable and be yourself.


Enhance the uniqueness and beauty of your own style.

"Florence has a profound understanding of design, coupled with many years of expertise and knows the trends in the various luxury goods industries. In addition, she is able to think her way into business models and orientate herself accordingly to the respective brand and target groups. Her hands-on mentality and her professional approach guarantee a target-oriented and cost-conscious project management."


- ehm. CEO Kurz Schmuck & Uhren 

Olivier Fabrikant


 "Flo has helped me to totally transform my company and develop a true philosophy and strategy. Since working with Flo, my brand has grown immensely. Flo has a big heart and can understand and see my values perfectly. I can highly recommend collaborating with her, she will always challenge you positively and bring the best out of you."


 -Founder Yuno Sugihara Jewellery

Yuno Sugihara 


 "Working with Flo has been a very pleasant and enriching experience. Her vast knowhow in design and product development helps us to solve old problems, think outside of the box, try new things, avoid mistakes, and improve our design. Her direct, pragmatic, but friendly way, makes out of each meeting a very efficient one. With Flo Atelier Avanzar has found a new way to design, produce and express itself."


 -Founder Atelier Avanzar

Margarita Heredia Forster