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We use this space to share creative figures, pictures, stories, friends in fashion and culture who inspire us. 

Florence Bachofen and her team invite you to further discover great creative and design worlds. In that spirit, this column is dedicated to projects, clients, friends as well as inspirations whom we observe and are interested in. 


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." Albert Einstein, letter to his son Eduard,1930

somebody said “from the spoon to the city”. we now want to move, with humour and creativity, into the world through languages, volumes, shapes and images of the world.


Giovanna Spinelli & Chiara Terranova received their degree in architecture at the university “Federico II” in Naples.


due non è il doppio ma il contrario di uno, della sua solitudine.

due è alleanza, filo doppio che non è spezzato

Erri De Luca


At the beginning they had two different personalities; they were like edge against curve. then the line became smoothed, the curve sheared. in short, sharing the passion for the architecture, they matured their taste and their skills, and finally they decided to begin a laboratory of architecture, design and communication. a laboratory about the graphic sign in all its variations.


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Eri Székely


The founders and creative directors of OBOstudio Cathrine Jordfald and Francesca Spinicci, are two young designers from the north and the south of Europe. More precisely Norway and Italy. 
The “transeuropean” background of the designers is reflected in the fluidity and fluency of their work. Obostudio is based in Florence - Italy and works as creative studio in graphic design, packaging, product design and interiors.
One of their projects is Flowershell: a series of illustrations figuring an armour of flowers in a moving shape. 
It'a a seed that becomes a shell, its birth, its change, its growth and then its disintegrating as an expression of hardness and continuous mutation of its nature. 
Turning their illustrations into interior design projects Obostudio with Flowershell creates decorations for household items so that every home can be able to breath the essence of this moving shape, a concept of nature.

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Thierry Furger Artist

Die Werke von Thierry Furger basieren auf einer intensiven Auseinandersetzung mit der Vergänglichkeit von Graffiti. Oft sind Graffitis bereits nach wenigen Stunden wieder verschwunden, von Reinigungstrupps beseitigt, von anderen Sprayern übermalt oder sie verwittern und verblassen allmählich – schliesslich ist im öffentlichen Raum niemand für ihre Konservierung zuständig. Genau diese Flüchtigkeit will Furger erhalten, indem er Tags und Pieces auf unterschiedlichen Bildträgern wieder zu verwischten Spuren reduziert. Dabei entstehen Bilder, die nicht wie gewohnt den Hochglanz-Look technisch besonders ausgefeilter Kompositionen betonen, sondern die fatalistische Ästhetik der Strasse inszenieren.