The designer refined her confident sense of fashion, trends and quality during her Fashion-Design studies in Milan and later as a designer at (among others) Charles Jourdan, Paris, Swarovski Corp. AG and Kurz Schmuck and Uhren in Switzerland.



Her unique conception of shape, expectation of the highest quality and fine feel for color complement one another in her design of womens and mens accessoires.  Most importantly, Flo Szekely-Bachofen has been fascinated for years by leather, a most noble material with all its distinctive characteristics. 


Fashionable wellbeing – means for B FLO ZURICH primarily beauty, trend, attention to detail, comfort and quality. 

The owner of a piece from the collection should feel good about it.  Every piece is manufactured by various techniques according to the highest standards.  Design should live and breathe while enriching daily life.  The function of these accessoires and a perfect line in association with unique colors should highlight the wardrobe and person. These are the main themes of every B FLO ZURICH collection.

Design Assignments / Design Coaching

Thanks to Florence Bachofen-Szekely’s broad and longstanding experience in fashion, we offer design consulting. 

We will happily study an individual client’s needs and offer our recommendations.  These could be complete collections but certain product groups can also be drawn up.